Why now is the best time to become an Official

Why now is the best time to become an Official

The Officials – Empowering admins through community, courses and coaching

Are you an admin or want to be an admin but have lots of questions on the best way to perform the role? What is the best way to manage multiple diaries? How to speak with executives? Best practices? Interview tips? You name it we got it.

Lauren Bradley, the Founder of The Officials, tells you why now is the time to become an Official. Continue reading Why now is the best time to become an Official

Admins, please don’t become jaded

Admins, please don’t become jaded

A fellow admin once posted a question asking how well other admins got on well with staff. She had felt she was quite strict and tending to wear the bad cop hat quite often.

This is something I worry about for any profession. We’ve all seen it – the teachers that don’t seem to like kids, the HR professionals who seem to forget we are people and not just resources, the customer service representative that don’t know the meaning of service and the administrative assistant who no longer wants to assist. Continue reading Admins, please don’t become jaded

Department of Yes

Department of Yes

As admins we find purpose in helping others and we love saying “Yes” to requests. Sometimes along our journey we lose sight of that and can become disgruntled with the barrage of requests. “Do you know what is for lunch today?” when they have access to the same menu on the intranet as you do. “How do you use the scanner?” while standing next to a meticulously constructed sign on how to use the scanner. It’s enough to drive anyone mad. Sadly, this can take the spring out of our steps in the morning and lead to us saying “No” a lot more often than we did at the beginning of our careers when we all so eager to please others and help, so “Yes” tumbled freely from our lips.  Continue reading Department of Yes

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7 Tips to Treat Your Job Like It’s Your Own Startup

OfficeNinjas – There’s no denying that your mind becomes loaded with different career advice throughout the years you spend working—and Lauren Bradley, OfficeNinjas All-Star Winner, admits she’s no exception in receiving an endless barrage of guidance.

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Lauren wins OfficeNinja All-Star Award

A huge congratulations to our founder, Lauren Bradley, for winning the OfficeNinjas All-Star Award. “

Lauren Bradley has had a truly impressive career. She’s been a marketing manager, a professor, an interactive media designer, a salesperson, and a food blogger. And all those incredible experiences have led her to her current role: as Office Manager at the Manhattan-based video distribution company DramaFever. When asked about where she sees herself in five years, she said: “I feel like I’m riding a river and each new experience takes me down a new stream.”

Lauren Bradley is the reason I wake up and come to work in the mornings. She was the first person to make me feel like part of the team when I first joined the company, she continually answers all my very dumb questions with patience and positivity, she plans AMAZING company-wide events for us to all relax and blow off steam, she finds awesome charities for us to support every quarter, and as if that wasn’t amazing enough, she recently created an office newsletter for us to always find all kinds of little tidbits of useful info. The company would basically collapse without her.

Co-worker Nomination

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Lauren Bradley - OfficeNinjas All-Star Award Winner