Course: The Admin Crash Course

The Admin Crash Course - A course for administrative assistants

Are you thinking about becoming an admin? Perhaps you are just starting your administrative career. This course is a great starter kit that covers the basics…and as you’ll soon find out there is a LOT to cover.

Welcome to The Admin Crash Course bundle. This is the right course for you if you are:

  • New to the industry
  • Been in the game a few years but feel there may be gaps in your knowledge due to lack of training
  • Looking for a refresher on the basics of being an admin or assistant

Lessons you’ll learn

  • About the role of an admin
  • Building your professional image
  • Daily office management and administration
  • Daily routines
  • Travel Planning
  • Conducting research
  • Office maintenance
  • And more!

What you get

The Admin Crash Course bundle comes with multiple coursebooks, videos and downloadables. Click on the video for a behind the scenes view of what you get in this course. In fact this course is so big that it will be released in 3 parts.

  • Part 1: Late Jan 2020
  • Part 2: Early Feb 2020
  • Part 3: Late Feb 2020

Below are a few sample documents you fill find within the course…

The Admin Crash Course - Office Admin and Management

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