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Lauren has over 10 years experience as an admin across the globe. Having worked in the USA, UK and as a virtual admin for companies in Australia and Thailand. In 2016, she was named one of OfficeNinjas‘ All-Stars, an award given to top performing admins.

She loves bringing communities together to create a platform of shared knowledge making each member of that community stronger and more informed. She started The Officials while looking for an online community of admins to seek advice from and share tips and tricks with while working in Manhattan. When her search came up empty she took a chance and started her own group and The Officials was born. Now The Officials is taking on a new chapter adding courses and coaching to empower admins even more.

She is a working admin, networker, brand ambassador and public speaker…among other things. She currently lives in London, UK where you can find her constantly neglecting her cup of tea and operating on shockingly little sleep while juggling career and family (2 adorable daughters!) She has been a professor, head of marketing, head of sales, a VA, a private household PA, an executive assistant and more.

Now, while being a working admin, she continues to grow The Officials network. Come join our army of admins!

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