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All admins and assistants deserve quality training that is easily accessible and affordable.

Lauren Bradley

The Officials empowers administrative professionals and their companies through community, courses and coaching. We launched to disrupt the industry with affordable and accessible training for the 60% of our industry’s workforce who work in small to medium businesses and are not always afforded an extensive training budget.

The Officials was launched in 2015 as a community for administrative professionals to share knowledge, build connections, and find support from an army of admins.

Over the years The Officials has expanded to offer our affordable online training platform, mentorship, corporate training, live events and more.

Our Services

We offer a selection of services for administrative professionals

Corporate Training
Corporate Training

We create training solutions that improve productivity, performance, retention and employee engagement. We specialize in productivity and leadership training for administrative professionals, executive support staff and more.

HQ Membership
HQ Membership

New courses released monthly to sharpen the skills of administrative professionals. These are packed full of course books, videos and downloadables to help admins and assistants become the best they can possibly be.


The Officials Mentorship Program was created to help you unlock your potential through one-to-one supportive guidance, encouragement, training and introspective activities.

I do not want a single admin or assistant to ever feel alone or underappreciated.

Lauren Bradley
Lauren Bradley - Founder

Lauren Bradley, Founder

Hi Official!

I know you want to be the best admin you can possibly be, whether that’s being ultra-organized or sharing your ideas with the leadership team. I know the role of an admin can sometimes be frustrating especially when you do not have a manager or mentor that understands your role. It can be so rewarding one day and lonely and frustrating the next.

That’s why I started The Officials – a unique platform for admins and assistants to come together to chat, learn and grow.

So who am I? Just think of me as your office bestie, the trusted colleague who will roll my desk chair up to yours and share my lunch when you can’t get away from your desk. I give you my best tips, my documents and my templates.

A bit about me

  • I love calling all dogs puppies
  • I enjoy reading fantasy books with maps in the front of them
  • I love a puzzles and games
  • I am obsessed with helping through professional problem solving

Yes, I’m a natural problem-solver, which is why I love being an assistant and what draws me to help other admins and assistants in the world.

Officially Yours,

x Lauren

About Lauren

Lauren Bradley is the founder of The Officials, an online platform that empowers assistants through community, courses and coaching. She is passionate about providing affordable and accessible training to the industry. Her career as an award-winning assistant spans more than fifteen years, over which she has worn many hats including office manager, executive assistant, virtual assistant and private PA to HNWIs. A truly international powerhouse, Lauren is a corporate trainer, mentor and speaker. Lauren has a Master’s degree in Interactive Media where she studied Instructional Design, online education and how mobile apps, websites, games and social media transform the way we learn. She is originally from Pittsburgh, PA but now lives in London where you can find her constantly neglecting her cup of tea. 

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Lauren Bradley on The Assistants Together Podcast

Lauren Bradley on the Assistants Together Podcast

The Officials HQ Platform

Many admins and personal assistants don’t have access to affordable, quality training. We are left to learn as best we can on our own, trial by fire. That time has passed! At The Officials we have created course bundles that are easily digestible, fun and relevant. Learn the latest technology and productivity methods at your own pace with the support of industry thought leaders and peers. 


Our members, lovingly referred to as Officials, are ready to welcome you with open arms and share advice, cheer you on and listen.


New courses released monthly to sharpen your skills. Each course is stuffed full of course books, videos and downloadables to help you be the best admin you can be.

Discounted Mentorship
Discounted Mentorship

The Officials Mentorship Program was created to help you unlock your potential through supportive guidance, encouragement, training and introspective activities.

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Admins are the gatekeepers of many top companies and private households. If you are interested in introducing your product or brand to The Officials community please send an email to hello@jointheofficials.com or complete the Contact Form.