Improve your career.
Gain confidence. Meet your goals.
Be empowered.

Have you ever thought about your potential as an admin or assistant? Wondered about your ability to significantly impact the company you work for and the people around you? Felt there was more you could be doing but weren’t exactly sure how to identify your unique skills? Wish you could speak with someone who has been there and done that?

Mentorship topics

Each mentee comes with his or her own goals to the mentorship sessions. You may have more long-term goals or you may just wish for a one-off session to pick the brain of a learned and experienced assistant.

Below are just a few examples of past mentorship topics…

  • Career development
  • Resume review
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Confidence
  • Job search, resume and CV review
  • Visibility during remote working
  • Project management
  • Bridging the technology gap
  • Goal setting
  • Performance reviews
  • Starting a VA business
  • Working with leaders
  • Stress and fatigue
  • Lack of motivation
  • Executive + EA relationship coaching
  • And more

How it Works

The first step is to book your free discovery call. In this call, you will discuss your career, your interest in mentoring and your goals. Lauren will explain how she works and send you details to sign-up for the mentorship program. There is no pressure selling on the call. There is not dogged follow-up.

Please note this is not a mentorship call. Lauren will not be administering any advice during your discovery call. This is simply to determine if mentorship is right for you and if Lauren can help you reach your goals.

Officials HQ members receive a free 30 minute Mentorship call. This is not a discovery call but an active 1-2-1 mentorship session.

Meet Your Mentor

With over 15 years of experience and counting, Lauren brings a unique mix of knowledge to the table. She has held all the titles and began officially mentoring and corporate training in 2018. She has trained and worked with industry leaders and now she’s bringing those secrets of success to you.

She doesn’t want you to feel alone, unsupported and frustrated, which is why she build a mentorship program that gets to the heart of your needs and offers supportive guidance.

Her passion for helping you reach your potential is boundless and you will leave sessions feeling empowered and supported.

Lauren Bradley - Founder

What mentees say…

I think the mentoring helped me so much and gave me the confidence to be considered for this promotion – so thank you!

The workbooks are impeccable. They are very well laid out. The homework assignments are not too hard or voluminous. They provide you the opportunity to practice a new skill/thought process.

My weekly win without a doubt has been starting the mentorship program which in the space of 5 days has led to: gratitude, increased happiness and positivity, confidence and influence.

Sign up if you are:

  • Ready to invest time in yourself to reach your full potential
  • Feel there is more you can give as an admin and assistant
  • Looking for access to others that are on this same journey
  • Looking for an experienced, award-winning mentor that knows what it takes
  • Want to maximize your impact and skills
  • Ready to reach the stars!

Ready to sign up?
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