Award-Winning Training for Growth Accelerating Assistants

Tomorrow's skills for today's assistants. We empower the creative problem-solvers, executive wranglers, ambiguity translators, organizational obsessives, and time negotiators.


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What we provide

Whether you are looking for training for your assistant team or are an assistant yourself, we have something for you.
Corporate Training for Executive Assistants - Trainer pointing at screen with two EAs at desks with laptops learning from her

Corporate Training

We work with Learning and Development (L&D) Teams, HR Teams, Executives, and internal assistant networks to bring your company quality productivity and leadership training.

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Online Training for Executive Assistants

Online Training + Community Platform

The Officials HQ is our one stop shop forWe have created course bundles that are easily digestible, fun and relevant. Learn the latest technology and productivity methods at your own pace with the support of industry thought leaders and peers. 

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Mentorship Coaching for Executive Assistants


We work 1-on-1 with assistants to help them fulfil their goals and to become growth accelerators for your business. We work closely to identify goals and create a success program to guide the assistant on this journey.

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