A love affair with OfficeNinjas (and prizes to be won…)


When I found out I had been chosen as an OfficeNinjas All-Star I felt like I had been set alight. Like the filament in a lightbulb, I felt the current fill me up and…SPARK!

I had left a more prestigious role to pursue a career as an admin. I had temped for a few months when I first moved to the UK and I started to feel a hint of that spark. It took the OfficeNinjas to light it up.

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Launching The Official Mentorship Program – Feb 25

The definition of mentorship: the guidance provided by a mentor, especially an experienced person in a company or educational institution.

The definition of mentor: an experienced and trusted adviser.

When the universe is telling you something, you listen.

I had been thinking about incorporating mentorship into The Officials earlier this year when the oddest thing started to happen, people began asking if I would consider being their mentor. At least 5 people in a one month period asked me if I would consider mentoring them and it didn’t stop there. This couldn’t be a coincidence, the universe was talking to me and I decided to listen.

Today marks the launch of The Official Mentorship Program! Kicking off on February 25th, you will be guided through a 4 week journey with each week focusing on a different aspect:

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Lauren Bradley Explains How to Manage Your Boss

When I broke into the admin world in 2008, I was welcomed with loving arms by the lovely London staffing boutique, Anderson Hoare. I adore everyone there but especially the founder, Di. She is gold and she really cares about her company and the candidates. I was honored to be asked to collaborate with them and write this article on how to manager your boss. It’s really all about time management…take a look here.

Executive Questionnaire

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Free Downloadable Executive Questionnaire
Many times we come into new roles without so much as a whisper of a handover. At least, that’s how it has been for me at almost all of my roles. It was my responsibility to get as up-to-speed as possible. One thing I wish I had during those times was an executive questionnaire. Continue reading Executive Questionnaire

Why now is the best time to become an Official

The Officials – Empowering admins through community, courses and coaching

Are you an admin or want to be an admin but have lots of questions on the best way to perform the role? What is the best way to manage multiple diaries? How to speak with executives? Best practices? Interview tips? You name it we got it.

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Admins, please don’t become jaded

Admins, please don’t become jaded

by Lauren Bradley

A fellow admin once posted a question asking how well other admins got on well with staff. She had felt she was quite strict and tending to wear the bad cop hat quite often.

This is something I worry about for any profession. We’ve all seen it – the teachers that don’t seem to like kids, the HR professionals who seem to forget we are people and not just resources, the customer service representative that don’t know the meaning of service and the administrative assistant who no longer wants to assist. Continue reading Admins, please don’t become jaded

Department of Yes

Department of Yes

by Lauren Bradley

As admins we find purpose in helping others and we love saying “Yes” to requests. Sometimes along our journey we lose sight of that and can become disgruntled with the barrage of requests. “Do you know what is for lunch today?” when they have access to the same menu on the intranet as you do. “How do you use the scanner?” while standing next to a meticulously constructed sign on how to use the scanner. It’s enough to drive anyone mad. Sadly, this can take the spring out of our steps in the morning and lead to us saying “No” a lot more often than we did at the beginning of our careers when we all so eager to please others and help, so “Yes” tumbled freely from our lips.  Continue reading Department of Yes