Remote Assistant Success

Remote Assistant Success

Learn how to communicate, act and lead in a high-trust remote environment

with Ebony Belhumeur
of The Assistant’s List

About the Course

Remote working has never been more necessary than it is right now. And while remote working has its benefits it also has some unique challenges. Current predictions are that at least 30% of the global workforce will continue to work from home at least one day a week.

It’s time to embrace your future and get the skills you need to become a successful remote assistant.

This course is our first official collab at The Officials and we couldn’t have teamed up with a better person. Ebony Belhumeur of The Assistant’s List is the ultimate remote assistant.

This course is for you if you…

  • Or anyone at your company needs to master remote working techniques
  • Want to learn productivity tips from a pro
  • Work for a fully remote company
  • Help your company during times where remote working is necessary
  • This course is designed for administrative professionals including office manager, administrative assistants, personal assistants, executive assistants, chiefs of staff and more

What you will learn

  • To remain visible and relevant when not physically present
  • To develop a mindset for success
  • Must know tech that increases remote working productivity
  • How to develop your ideal remote working routine
  • How to be an ideal remote candidate
  • How to successfully support your team and executive from afar

Meet Your Instructor

Ebony Belhumeur

Ebony Belhumeur

The Assistant’s List

Ebony is the curator and blogger behind The Assistants List. Past lives include EA to the CEO of Sephora and the EA to the CEO at Twitch. Currently, she lives in Tours, France while working for a fully remote company in Silicon Valley.

Lauren Bradley on Assistants Together Podcast

Lauren appears on Assistants Together Podcast

🎙 Podcast Debut! I loved talking to Hen Barker a caring recruiter and advocate for admins and assistants, for her Assistants Together podcast. We covered A LOT!

We discussed:
• Power of community
• The need for affordable training
• Knowing your worth
• Confidence
• Resources and research
• What assistants are asking about during lockdown
• Becoming a VA ain’t easy
• Furlough fears
• Onboarding yourself
• Treat your role like a business
• Being digitally desirable
• Why assistants shouldn’t be bored during the lockdown or ever!
• The non-no

Continue reading Lauren appears on Assistants Together Podcast
Admins, please don’t become jaded

Admins, please don’t become jaded

A fellow admin once posted a question asking how well other admins got on well with staff. She had felt she was quite strict and tending to wear the bad cop hat quite often.

This is something I worry about for any profession. We’ve all seen it – the teachers that don’t seem to like kids, the HR professionals who seem to forget we are people and not just resources, the customer service representative that don’t know the meaning of service and the administrative assistant who no longer wants to assist. Continue reading Admins, please don’t become jaded

Department of Yes

Department of Yes

As admins we find purpose in helping others and we love saying “Yes” to requests. Sometimes along our journey we lose sight of that and can become disgruntled with the barrage of requests. “Do you know what is for lunch today?” when they have access to the same menu on the intranet as you do. “How do you use the scanner?” while standing next to a meticulously constructed sign on how to use the scanner. It’s enough to drive anyone mad. Sadly, this can take the spring out of our steps in the morning and lead to us saying “No” a lot more often than we did at the beginning of our careers when we all so eager to please others and help, so “Yes” tumbled freely from our lips.  Continue reading Department of Yes