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Check out Official, Anna Beam’s workstyle featured by Cleverly

We are so lucky to have the talented Anna Beam as a member of The Officials. She an incredible example for our industry as she is rocking a hybrid role as EA and Office Manager to a tech start-up in Greenville, SC. You may have caught her podcast too, The Influential Assistant.

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How to get your boss to stop skipping your 1-2-1s

How to Get Your Boss to Stop Skipping Your 1-2-1s

Sick of your boss skirting your one-to-ones? Take matters into your own hands.⁠⁠

One of the biggest complaints I hear from administrative professionals is that they can’t get their bosses to meet with them. Remote working has only added another obstacle in the way, providing even greater lack of visibility.⁠⁠

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How to get ahead of lockdown burnout for assistants

How to get ahead of lockdown burnout

To say our lives have been shaken up in the past year would be an understatement. We’ve all had to adjust our schedules in more ways than one, and many of us are feeling what has been called “Lockdown Burnout”. Even Vogue has reported on this phenomenon, writing multiple articles on the strain of working and living in the same space and how burnout and fatigue are very real phenomena experienced by people around the world. 

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Ultimate Home Office Supplies and Accessories

The Ultimate Home Office Must-Have Accessories

This is my point of view most days. After I posted a hugely popular Reel about my morning routine on Instagram, I was inundated with DMs about all of the products on my desk. I had no idea how popular it was going to be.

So I took some time to find you all the links and give you a little detail about why I have specifically curated each item.

I hope you find it useful. All suggestions and comments are welcome. I’d love to know what products help you do your job.

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