4 Must-Have Tools for Administrative Professionals to Maintain a Clutter-Free Digital Workspace

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In the fast-paced world of administrative roles, keeping your digital workspace organized is paramount. With a multitude of tasks, appointments, and documents to manage, having the right tools can make all the difference. Here are five essential tools that can help you maintain a clutter-free digital workspace and boost your productivity.

What you’ll find here:

Notion: The Ultimate All-in-One Solution for Assistant Organization

Notion is the ultimate digital Swiss Army knife for administrative professionals. It combines note-taking, task management, project collaboration, and database functions into one sleek platform. Create a centralized hub for your tasks, meetings, and reference materials. Collaborate seamlessly with team members and keep everything organized in one place.

Spoiler Alert: We are launching a new Notion-based solution for assistants to help keep you organized so you never miss a task and have an intuitive way to capture relevant information and SOPs.

Tags for Google Calendar™ Chrome Extension: Streamline Your Scheduling

Here at The Officials we use Google Workspace and being a small organization we don’t need the robust plans that a larger enterprise might need. If you work for an SMB in the same situation, you may be missing out on Google Calendar tags and labels available in the the bigger plans but not anymore!

Tags for Google Calendar™ is a Chrome extension that allows you to color-code and tag your events. Easily distinguish between meetings, deadlines, and personal appointments. This visual organization can help you manage any schedule with ease.

ChatGPT Chat Organizer: Tame Your Digital Conversations for Easy Reference

Assistants rely on ChatGPT for daily, sometimes hourly, support in their roles, but managing chat threads can be a real challenge. That’s where the ChatGPT Chat Organizer comes in. This extension empowers you to effortlessly create folders for various topics, projects, or clients, simplifying chat organization and retrieval. Bid farewell to the hours wasted on scrolling and searching. With just a few clicks, you can efficiently organize your chats, saving valuable time while preserving your conversations. It’s the essential tool to regain control of your digital workspace.

Courses for assistants by assistants!

Digital Declutter Course for Assistants

Find sanity in your digital workspace. Get your digital workspace organized so you can save time, mental energy, and work in a pleasant digital environment with your talented instructor, Melissa Peoples.

No more overflowing inboxes. No more FOLDERS OF DOOM sitting on your digital desktop. It’s time to take back control!

Inside the Onboarding course

Tango: Effortlessly Create Interactive How-To Guides in Minutes

We actually first heard about Tango from an Official (thank you again, Jana)! With Tango, documenting any process via a browser becomes a breeze as you simply click through the steps, eliminating the need for screenshots. You use Tango via a Chrome Extension or you can use the desktop app.

This innovative tool automatically transforms your process into a step-by-step interactive walkthrough. And that’s not all—Tango also takes care of formatting screenshots, crafting clear descriptions, and generating shareable links for your guides. Plus, it turns your guides into interactive walkthroughs, ensuring your team knows precisely where to click. No more searching for answers; Tango’s extension notifies you about relevant how-to guides in real-time, right when you need them. Say goodbye to tedious work and hello to streamlined, effective guidance with Tango.

By using our link you can get 25% off Tango Pro of 15% off Enterprise.

Wrap Up

As we conclude our journey through these fantastic tools, remember that the path to a clutter-free and productive workspace begins with a single click. These tools are your companions on the road to streamlined efficiency. So, why wait? Embrace the digital transformation, and let these tools be your guiding stars toward a more organized, stress-free, and successful future!

Assistants standing in front of a calendar and a clock. One is moving events on the calendar the other is on a laptop. They are demonstrating effective time management skills.

How to Help Your Boss Stay on Schedule: Executive Assistants’ Guide

Proven Tactics for Minimizing Meeting Time Overruns and Maximizing Productivity

Wrangling Your Executive’s Meeting Times

Have you struggled with keeping your executive on track during meetings? It’s a common challenge faced by many executive assistants. Recently, a question in our community prompted us to dive deeper into this issue:

Any tips on how to wrangle your executive from running over their meeting times? The executive I support repeatedly doesn’t keep to time on their scheduled meetings and then it has a knock-on effect on the rest of their meetings.

Posted by an Official in our community

Understanding the Problem: Causes of Meeting Time Overruns

Before we delve into solutions, let’s explore the underlying causes of meeting time overruns. By identifying these factors, we can develop effective strategies to address them:

  • Lack of clear objectives and success criteria
  • Absence of a standardized meeting protocol
  • Insufficient buffer time between meetings
  • Time blindness
  • Ineffective communication methods
  • Need for boss’s self-awareness and role modeling
  • Unawareness of the cost and consequences of meeting overruns

Setting the Foundation for Productive Meetings

To overcome meeting time overruns, establishing a strong foundation is crucial. Let’s explore essential strategies for effective meeting management:

  • Setting Clear Objectives: Define meeting objectives and collaborate with your boss to establish success criteria.
  • Implementing a Meeting Protocol: Develop a standardized meeting structure, well-structured agendas, and timely submission of materials.
  • Allocating Buffer Time: Maximize productivity by scheduling buffer time between meetings and utilizing it effectively.

Effective Communication Methods

Communication plays a vital role in ensuring meeting efficiency. Consider these strategies to improve communication with your executive:

  • Leveraging Instant Messaging Apps: Utilize text or instant messaging for quick updates and clarifications.
  • Expressing the Value of Time: Encourage your boss’s self-reflection on their role as a time model and emphasize the importance of respecting everyone’s time.

Demonstrating the Cost of Meeting Overruns

Quantifying the cost and consequences of meeting overruns can be a powerful tool to drive change. Explore these methods to showcase the impact:

  • Calculating ROI of Meetings: Utilize the HBR Meeting Cost Calculator to estimate financial costs and emphasize the value of time.
  • Get to the Heart of the Matter: Engage in open conversations with your boss to understand their perspective on why meetings run late and challenge them to see the impact it makes on their reputation and how it imposes on others productivity.

Practical Strategies for Ending Meetings Efficiently

Ending meetings promptly is a crucial step towards optimizing your executive’s schedule. Consider these practical strategies:

  • Providing Exit Scripts: Offer scripted statements to help your boss conclude meetings on time. HEre are some examples for you:
    • Based on our agenda, we’ve covered all the important topics. Let’s wrap up and move on to our next steps.
    • I want to be respectful of everyone’s time, so let’s conclude the meeting now. If there are any additional points, we can address them via email or schedule a follow-up discussion.
    • As we approach the end of our scheduled meeting time, I’d like to give everyone a chance for any final thoughts or questions before we adjourn.
    • I have another meeting coming up, so let’s bring this one to a close. If there are any outstanding matters, please let me know, and we can address them separately.
    • Our allotted time is almost up, so I’ll summarize the key takeaways and action items. If anyone has anything else to add, please share it now. Otherwise, let’s end the meeting on a positive note.
    • We’re almost out of time, so let’s finish up.
    • I have another commitment soon, so let’s conclude.
    • To respect everyone’s schedules, we’ll end the meeting here.
    • I appreciate the ongoing discussion, but we need to wrap up the meeting now. Let’s continue this conversation offline.
    • I understand there are still important points to discuss, but in the interest of time, let’s conclude the meeting. We can schedule a follow-up if needed.
    • It’s great to see such engagement, but we’re running over time. Let’s table the remaining discussion points for our next meeting.
    • I apologize for interrupting, but we’re exceeding our allotted time. If there are any final remarks, please share them briefly.
    • I understand this is an important topic, but we’re out of time. If there are any urgent matters, please follow up via email or schedule a separate meeting.
  • Introduce tools like Should It Be a Meeting to evaluate meeting necessity and leverage asynchronous communication for non-urgent matters.

By implementing these strategies, executive assistants can effectively manage meeting times and boost productivity. Let us know how you keep your executive on time in the comments below.

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A busy coworking space where assistants are sitting at laptops and working together.

Coworking Sessions for Administrative Professionals: What You Need to Know

As an administrative professional, you have a lot on your plate. From managing calendars to answering emails, your days can be filled with a never-ending list of tasks. That’s why we’ve created a coworking session just for you. Join us every Friday for dedicated time to work on what’s important to you, accountability through goal setting, and a wellness break to refresh and promote focus. Plus, the “library effect” that promotes productivity as attendees work on mute to hit their goals.

What to Expect from Our Coworking Session

The Library Effect

At our coworking session, we’ll start with a quick introduction and goal-setting for the session. Then, we’ll get to work. For the majority of the session, we’ll be on mute to create a “library effect” that promotes productivity. However, we’ll have time to chat in the last 5 minutes to celebrate progress and connect with other administrative professionals.

Set Your Own Agenda

You tell us what you want to work on and it goes on the board. Whether it’s clearing your to-do list, working on a passion project, or prepping for the coming week, this is your time to focus on what matters most.

Time Management and Goal-Setting

We’ll set a timer and check in halfway through to ensure you’re on track to meet your goals. Our coworking session is all about accountability, so we encourage you to set realistic goals for the session and strive to meet them.

Who Can Attend Our Coworking Session

All Administrative Professionals Welcome

Anyone in the administrative professional community is welcome to attend our coworking session. This includes executive assistants, administrative assistants, personal assistants, virtual assistants, chiefs of staff, office managers, strategic business partners, receptionists, and more.

What Should You Work on During Our Coworking Session

Anything You Want

Our coworking session is the perfect time to tidy up any hanging items for the week, work on a passion or pesky project, prep for the coming week, and more. It’s up to you to decide what to work on during the session.

You won’t believe how much you’ll get done!

Join us for our
Friday Coworking

Join us for a coworking session for administrative professionals to help you clear your To Do List, work on a passion project, or prep for the coming week.

The image is of a coworking space with assistants working on laptops at long wooden tables.

An assistant is sitting with a MacBook Air on her lap and she has Canva on the screen. She is working on a design. Elevate Your Document Game: How Canva Docs Empower Executive Assistants

Elevate Your Document Game: How Canva Docs Empower Executive Assistants

Please note this page may contain affiliate links that support us to do what we do best. We only partner with products and services we love. You can read our Affiliate Disclaimer for more information.

What are Canva Docs?

Canva Docs is a revolutionary tool that allows you to create interactive and professional-looking documents quickly and easily. With Canva Docs, you can embed videos and presentations, add images, charts, and diagrams, format text with headings, bold, italics, lists, and more, and connect multiple pages together into a seamless flow.

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Check out the PA Show in November and learn how to be a better assistant!

The PA Show is coming to the heart of London’s Business District on November 2, 2022!


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Assistants, avoid these red flags when looking for your next employer

Got a bad feeling about an interview but can’t put your finger on it? Sometimes, you notice something odd about an interview, but maybe desperation clouds your judgment. There’s always a risk when you decide to take on a new job. However, you can significantly minimize the risk by keeping an eye out for some red flags.

There’s only so much to learn about a company’s values, work environment, and work style in a short-lived interview and on-boarding process. And you’re not alone in this. 29% of workers quit 90 days into their job. We’ve got you covered, though, and you don’t have to wait that long to find out if a company isn’t right for you

Recently, we surveyed The Officials Community of administrative professionals around the world about red flags they have experienced and the responses are eye-opening. You’ll find their responses sprinkled throughout the article below. We’re certain that this guide will help you avoid a ton of headaches down the line when taking on a new job.

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The Officials wins UK Enterprise Awards

The Officials Wins Best Online E-learning Training Platform – London in SME UK Enterprise Awards

The SME UK Enterprise Awards highlight SMEs for their industry excellence, overall performance, customer experience and innovation in their field. The Officials is proud to be recognized for our team’s commitment to quality training for administrative professionals.

The Officials has been awarded Best Online E-learning Training Platform – London in the 6th annual UK Enterprise Awards by SME News.

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The Officials EA Community Manager Blog

The Officials welcomes new Community Manager

The administrative professional training and community platform further commits to shared knowledge and community-centric training for administrative professionals
The Officials EA Community Manager Blog

We are pleased to announce the onboarding of our new Community Manager, Joy Hiscock. The Community Manager role is a part of our Officials Advisory Board and is responsible for community engagement, upward feedback and caretaking the extremely supportive culture fostered in The Officials Community.

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5 Ways to Make Monday Your B!tch for executive assistants Blog

5 Ways to Make Monday Your B!tch for Executive Assistants

Some Mondays should come with a warning.

It can be REALLY hard to find the motivation you need to get everything done on your to do list.

But Monday can be a great day to hit the reset button. That’s why we’ve put together our favorite ways you can take the reins on Monday and make it your best day of the week!

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Free Wallpaper Download for Administrative Assistants

Freebie: Organize your desktop with these digital desktop wallpaper templates – Winter Edition

Grab our template for this fabulous digital desktop wallpaper that will keep you organized and remind you of your goals. The template is completely customizable with any Canva account.

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