On-Demand Webinar: Land Your Dream Job Through Intentional and Strategic Planning with Henrietta Barker

Land Your Dream Job Through Intentional And Strategic Planning Webinar

“The biggest mistake people make is only looking for a job when they need one.” – Henrietta Barker

Are you ready to take control of your career? You may be looking for a job or just starting to think about your next move. Many of us found our way into an administrative role out of necessity or opportunity but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan your success in the industry.

Join our free on-demand webinar where Hen Barker and Lauren Bradley discuss how to land your dream job through intentional and strategic planning.

Hen Barker is an independent recruiter, industry expert and podcast host.

Lauren Bradley is the founder of The Officials.

See you then!
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    Mark Walsh

    There no date showing for tjis webinair why?

      Lauren Bradley - Founder

      Hi Mark,

      Great question. That is because the live event already happened. It is now an on-demand webinar, meaning that you can enter your details and get instant access to watch the replay.

      Please reach out again if you have issues signing up to watch the webinar.

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