Set an intention with a Word of the Year. The Officials word of the year revealed.

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I love setting a word of the year! If you aren’t a fan of resolutions, then perhaps this is the way to go this year. What’s the difference?

Resolutions = Goals
Word of the Year = Intention

Last year our word of the year was Thrive and boy did we ever. The pandemic brought challenges of course but we were lucky to be perfectly placed to help so many administrative professionals on their professional career path and our officials community grew and grew.

We made incredible connections with people across the globe. Connections that left tattoos of kindness, gratitude and love on our hearts.

The best part of the journey continues to be these connections.That’s why Our word of the year is Stories because it’s through stories that we get to know you better. It is through stories that we grow closer and grow together.

Stories make us see our similarities, appreciate our differences and allow us to better serve our community by learning their needs. We can’t wait to continue to connect with you and hear your stories.

So what is your Word of the Year and what does it mean to you? Let us know in the comments below

Short Video:
How to come up with your Word of the Year

I am a moderator of The State of The Executive Assistant Facebook Group and I created this short presentation (4 minutes) on the benefits of setting an intention with a Word of the Year to share to the group. Inside you’ll find some great examples as well.

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