Self-Care, COVID-19 and Pivots for your wellbeing

Self-care for your wellbeing for assistants
Let's talk self-care and Assistants
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A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be on a panel for Abigail Barnes‘ webinar series, The Productive Wellbeing Show.

On the panel was:

We were each asked 2 questions.

  1. What does a self-care routine look like for you & how has Covid-19 changed it?
  2. What happens if you skip a day?

I was so impressed by the other panelists. It became evident that many of the panelists, if not all, have been through life-changing moments that made them take stock and invest in their self-care. Something I know many admins and assistants can relate to, and it was self-evident when we had well over 100 comments.

I felt like a bit of an imposter, I am absolutely rubbish at self-care but I protect a few rituals to keep me creative and productive.

Abigail is well known for her presentations on The 888 Formula. You can join the Self-Care Challenge at any time by joining The 888 Community on Facebook.

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