Lockdown reflections: How people you’ve never met can make the biggest impact on your life

Those that make the biggest impact may be people you've never met in Lockdown

This wasn’t the year I thought it would be.⁠

Today is my birthday and I’ve been thinking about where I was this time last year and all that has happened up to now.⁠

I was just barely a month into launching The Officials as a full training platform, hoping that my idea had legs and would help admins and assistants far and wide. I gave myself 6 months to prove the concept. ⁠

Six months in I had proven the concept. The Officials had grown 6x what it was when we started. The feedback was incredible and I knew I was helping so many across the globe. I was ready to push hard to let every admin and assistant know that there was an affordable option out there that brought them the quality training our industry is so thirsty for….then lockdown hit and the demand for affordable online training went through the roof. Now are growth is 30x what it was when we started. I am so happy that we were able to be there for those who needed to differentiate themselves, excel and frankly…distract themselves from the news of the world.⁠

But I did not get here alone. When I think of the success The Officials has today, I think of the people. ⁠

Friends I’ve never met

The incredible friends I’ve made since March has kept me afloat. Just to name a few – Lisa Boissel Miss Jones Pa, Hana of The Office Management Group, Ebony at The Assistant’s List, Christie at Elite Assisting, Hen Barker, Laura at The Assistant’s Handbook, Anna Read at Empowered Assistants Empower AssistantsJillian Hufnagel, Ursula Kohler at Capital EA, Annie at Whole Assistant, Melissa Peoples, Nadine at Black Admin Magic, Debra Coleman, Anna Beam of The Influential Assistant podcast, Michelle Bowditch, and so many more. ⁠


So many of you have joined the platform, taken the training, supported the community and raised the bar…and continue to do so. I am so thankful for you all each and every day. I love waking up and seeing what is happening in our community, answering your questions and supporting you in any way that I can. You allow me to do this for a living and that is the best present in the world.

Marta our Strategic Business Partner

I don’t know where my business would be without @martulinavt by my side. She keeps my crazy visionary brain in check, challenges me and makes me laugh. It’s a hard job and she does it beautifully.

My Family

It’s been a crazy year but I’ve loved the time I get to spend at home with my family. I am glued to my desk quite a lot but I love when my kids are sitting near me reading, hugging me in between webinars (sometimes crashing them), and having dinner at the table almost every night together. My husband especially, who has massively supported this business venture and holds the fort down while I fight for justice in our industry from my laptop!


I don’t know where I would be without all of you. Yes there have been lots of stressful bits this year…starting a business, pandemic, elections and more. But I know “this too shall pass”. So I continue moving forward. I am thankful for the present this year has been. Thankful for you.

Our doors close tomorrow and we won’t reopen them to the public until the new year. This birthday I would love to see those that are thinking about joining the community to find the courage to speak with their bosses and ask for the training they deserve and need to be empowered to do their job to the best of their ability!

Eternally grateful,
x L.

This blog was originally written for, The Dossier, our weekly newsletter for admins and assistants.

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