Simple sample travel itinerary for Admins and Assistants (Google Sheets)

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Free Downloadable Travel Itinerary I honestly do not know what I would do without Google Drive. It really does allow me to work from anywhere and have access to important documents in no time at all. That’s why I love using it for making travel itineraries.

I like to keep it simple, below are the basic steps I follow when making any itinerary.

  1. I’m not a big fan of wasting paper if it can be helped so I first enter all the details into the diary.
  2. I then use Google Sheets to create the itinerary, later downloading it as a PDF once complete.
  3. I keep a Travel folder in Google Drive and then put each trip within that folder. Once the trip is over I move it to an archive folder.

That’s just about it. I’ve included some screenshots below of how I organize things. Scroll down to get access to the sample trip folder.

The first item “00 – The Officials – Itinerary Sample” Google Sheet is itinerary. I do this so that my principal can see the draft and comment if needed.

The second item “01 – The Officials – Itinerary Sample” is the same itinerary just saves as a PDF. This is simply the final draft, easier to read without the gridlines.

The rest of the items are just samples of things I usually include.

I enter all itinerary items in the diary
I enter all itinerary items into the diary.
I like to keep my filing quite tidy.
1 - At first I start a folder for that trip and then I 
just drop all documents and emails 
(emails literally dragged and dropped from my
mail application) into it as I go.

2 - Then I start to arrange the items or move 
them to an archive folder as I pull the info out
of them that I need. 

3 - I make sure that all that is left in the trip folder
is the item my principal needs and I number them
in order of importance/they are needed.
     4 - I also like to put in articles or important
information about where they are traveling for
them to read on the plain.

5 - I print the items if I have a principal that 
prefers paper but usually they are good with just
a link to the folder.
I like to number each item in my trip folder so they are easy to find.
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Use this simple itinerary to provide a clear outline for your executive's travels. Note important information including flight details, sights of interest and more.

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