My morning ritual for a successful day

My Morning RItuals

So much of an admin’s job is reactionary but what separates the top brass is their ability to be proactive as well.  One way we are able to do this is by creating rituals, a series of tasks that can help us remember where we were before we called away to deal with an emergency.

Morning rituals can set the tone for the day. It is essential to be able to find normalcy and routine when we return to our desks from reactionary moments in our day. So what rituals do you have?

I start my day a bit in reverse by pulling up my Done List.  Done List not only include the items on your To Do List but also has all the items you did that day that weren’t on your To Do List. I used to track this in a notebook, then a Google Doc and now I simply open my calendar and have it poised to put in an entry for any and all tasks I completed that day. This helps me see exactly what I did and appreciate the time it takes to complete certain tasks and allows me to see patterns.

Read on to find out my next steps:

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