On-demand webinar: Genius G Suite Hacks for Assistants Webinar

Become a G Suite genius! New to Google products? Want to improve your tech confidence? Want to work at a startup but are worried about the transition from Microsoft to Google products? Perhaps you are starting your own VA biz and want to know how Google free apps can help you run your business.

Don’t worry! Swing by my desk (virtually of course 👩‍💻) and look over my shoulder as I show you some of the cool features I use to make G Suite work for me as an assistant and 5 time saving tips to help make your life easier – because we already have plenty to do!

Bonus: All those that attend will receive a downloadable G Suite Genius Cheatsheet.

Feedback from the live webinar

  • Wow – mind blown!
  • YASSS this is helpful
  • Oh great I need to use this
  • I’d love to do this course
  • The mentorship program is AMAZINGGGG too. Seriously, so helpful with hands on materials and so many downloadables (comment from attendee, member and mentee)
  • Thanks for the webinar, your knowledge is amazing – hope to catch up soon
  • Thanks a lot! Very helpful! Lots of useful lifehacks, will definitely use it.


    Karen cherniss

    I missed this. Is there a link to the video of it?

      Lauren Bradley - Founder

      Yes! If you originally signed up to the live webinar you will have been sent a link to the ondemand webinar. If you have not signed up, this page has now been converted so that you can register here and you will be sent the link to the recorded webinar.


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