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Many times we come into new roles without so much as a whisper of a handover. At least, that’s how it has been for me at almost all of my roles. It was my responsibility to get as up-to-speed as possible. One thing I wish I had during those times was an executive questionnaire. One that reminded me of all the details I needed to get from my executive now so that later on when I required them they were already at my fingertips. Such as passport photos and details, frequent flier membership numbers, company credit card details, etc.

Lucky for you I’ve created one! This is a great asset to have when you have just started a role or been assigned a new executive.


    Laura Carrizo

    In my boss’ personal card I have the name, date of birth and ID of his driver. Also, I always have a sentence which and copy and paste onto emails: “H. E. Ambassador xxx will arrive in the Embassy’s official car, [make] [model] [numberplate], driven by Mr [name of driver], holder of ID number [driver’s ID].” Perhaps this is not applicable to private companies, but in the diplomatic sphere when ambassadors go to the Government palace or to ministries we are normally asked this kind of information to allow them entrance.

    Laura Carrizo

    Also, in the case of ambassadors, accreditation date (the day they commence their duties in a foreign country) is important and should appear in their card. Their precedence in ceremonies and events depends on how long they have been in the country of accreditation.

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