On-demand webinar: Adjusting Your Skills to a Remote Environment

Remote Assistant Free Webinar

I see a lot of uncertainty popping up in the admin community lately. Each day I learn of more assistants being furloughed, let go, forced to take PTO or to take pay cuts as part of some of the incredibly tough business decisions companies are being forced to make right now. It’s more important than ever to be indispensable. One essential way to help you add value now is to help ease the transition your company is making to remote working.

I’ve teamed up with Ebony Belhumeur of The Assistant’s List to bring you the Adjusting Your Skills to a Remote Environment Webinar.

I also want to make this plain, I know how incredible assistants are and how indispensable they are. We want to help you shine like the star ⭐ you are. We want to give every assistant the chance they deserve. This post isn’t meant to make you fearful, but to empower you. You are a badass, let us show you how to be a remote badass. 😉

We know how hard it has been for everyone adjusting to the new normal. We brought you this course to help ease the pain of adjusting to working remotely.

Bonus: All those that attend receive a downloadable guide.

This is part of a collab series with The Officials x The Assistant’s List. Make sure to show Ebony some love and visit her incredible blog.


    Alejandra Tamez

    Is it possible to get the recording for this?

    Thank you!


      Hi lovely! You were too fast for us. We just changed the details on this post now so that if you click the button it will take you to where you can sign-up to watch the now on-demand webinar. We hope you like it!

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