Organizational Culture, Community + Inclusion

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Organizational Culture, Community + Inclusion

Be a culture leader in a corporate world

with Christie Arias of Elite Assisting
+ Lauren Bradley of The Officials

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About the course

We’ve all seen it.
The effects of toxic culture.

You feel demotivated and disconnected from the purpose of your work. You want to be anywhere else and working on anything else.

About half of job seekers cite company culture as very important when choosing to apply to a company. This is because we like to feel useful, to feel there is purpose to our work and that our colleagues and leaders share our values.

We’ve teamed up with Christie Arias of Elite Assisting to talk all things culture and why admins and assistants are perfectly placed to shape the culture of a company.

This course is for you if you…

  • Enjoy the people side of any admin and assistant role
  • Want to make your organization a safe and comfortable place for all employees
  • Want to be a leader in culture
  • Are looking for initiatives and programs to promote culture as well as support equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Looking to diversify your skills and gain the respect of your leadership team
  • Desire to increase employee retention and elevate your organization as a desirable employer

What you will learn

  • The importance of culture for successful business
  • Defining your organizational culture
  • The traits of a culture keeper
  • Curating, keeping and correcting culture
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Attracting and engaging diverse talent


I LOVED this course! My boss really wants me to help think of ways to improve our teams culture (We’re a fairly new department within a huge organization and it feels a bit like a start up!), and I didn’t think I knew how. My notebook is now brimming with ideas that just poured out of me as I read this course and I cannot wait to implement them!!

Awesome Official
Awesome Official

It provided a lot of background on this issue and food for thought. I think I’ll be coming back to this one!

5 stars
Sara B.

This is a course for newly appointed HR reps, office managers at start-ups and scale-ups, solopreneurs who need actionable advice on how to create culture. Culture eats strategy for breakfast. Upon completion of this course, they will they know how to serve a delicious breakfast.

Five Stars
Carla VH

Your Instructors

Lauren Bradley

Lauren Bradley

The Officials

Lauren has held every admin and assistant title under the sun including Office Manager, EA to the CEO and private PA to HNWIs. She is a former OfficeNinjas All-Star winner and founder of The Officials. She is passionate about empowering admins and assistants.

Christie Arias

Christie Arias

EA + Creator
Elite Assisting

Christie is an EA with an impressive resume working at YSL, Burberry and Victoria’s Secret. She is the creator of Elite Assisting a blog and forum for admins and assistants. Christie lives and works in NYC.