Course: Trello for Productivity for Admins and Assistants

This comprehensive course for admins and assistants will introduce you to Trello, a fabulous online application that helps organize and stay on top of your complex To Do lists and any projects you manage. If you are an administrative professional who is struggling to manage your day or would like to learn more about project management and how this great app (FREE!) app can help then read on!

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Sutton Women Mean Business Awards - Highly Commended - Lauren Bradley

She means business

The founder of The Officials, Lauren Bradley, received Highly Commended at the Sutton Women Mean Business Awards in the Rising Star category. Lauren was nominated for the award by a fellow female business owner for her dedication to empowering women especially in the administration industry.

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The Four Color Pen Process for Note Taking for Admins and Assistants

🌈 Four Color Pen Process

I love pens. I love notebooks. It is a hard task to get me back out of a stationery store once I’ve walked into one. I am a total sucker for big packs of multicolored pens and I would buy them with total abandon. ⁠

Now that I’m *cough* older and wiser I realize that those pens just collect dust. I had drawers full of beautiful pens I never used. I’m not about that life.⁠

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Invisible to Influential - 3 tricks to becoming an influential assistant

Invisible to Influential: 3 tricks to becoming an influential assistant

Invisible To Influential: 3 Tricks To Becoming An Influential Assistant

Do you have opinions and ideas you want to express at work but you struggle to find your voice or to be taken seriously? Do you wish you were more confident in the workplace? 

This webinar will give you 3 tricks that will help you be more confident and show you how to flex your influence in the office. This webinar is perfect for admins and assistants that are looking to find their voice and have it be heard and respected.

All attendees get a free downloadable action plan.

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The Influential Assistant Course

The Influential Assistant Course (Cover)

This course is now available on The Officials HQ membership platform. It addresses changing the narrative,  imposter syndrome, a big secret that you don’t know about leaders, how to say no without saying no, tone that resonates, posture and appearance, making connections, public speaking and so much more.

  • 3 course books
  • 12 videos 
  • 7 downloadables 

One member said about The Influential Assistant course, “Yes!!!! Influence and confidence!!! Really enjoying the course books and videos!!!”

Each month a new course drops in HQ. Plus you get access to amazing assistants and admins worldwide ready to support you and offer advice.

I hope I see you there. 

Lots of love,
x Lauren

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Essential advice from Private PA Lauren Bradley

Feature: Admin Heroes – Lauren Bradley, Freelance Private PA and founder of The Officials

It is always a good day whenever I get to work with the lovely team at Anderson Hoare. The London-based admin staffing boutique helped start my admin career many moons ago. In this article they ask me about how I juggle Freelance PA work, why The Officials is so hot right now, and my failsafe tips for succeeding and progressing whether as a Private PA, Freelance PA or Corporate Admin.

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