Knowing Your Worth - Don't give away your time for free

Knowing your worth

Calculate your worth and stop devaluing yourself

Do you know your worth? Calculate your rate and stop devaluing yourself. Did you know you could be giving away $10k of your time away for free? Do you know your hourly rate? Do you know why it’s important? It is if you find yourself working overtime.

Did you know you are devaluing your worth every minute of overtime you work? Watch this video and let me show you how to calculate your time and why it’s so important for every admin and assistant to know. I have shown this to many admins and assistants and it blows their minds every time. 🤯 It’s simple but often overlooked.

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Aim High You are Worth It

Aim High

I wrote this to The Officials Slack Community members today…

Today I am working on more content for the Creative Problem Solving course coming oh so soon and writing about failure and how we can use it as fuel.

I had a horrific work experience last year and it felt like it was never-ending. In fact it was only 5 months but it was happening during one of the most exciting times of my life, the first round of the Mentorship program. I eventually quit that job (something I had done 2 weeks into it but was convinced to stay) and I felt like a failure though I knew it was the right thing to do. Today, I started writing about how despite the circumstances I was in I still beat myself up. I still felt like I was failing because there were problems I couldn’t solve. And I like to solve all problems.

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Jin Bo Law Skybar

Event: Networking Event with Jeremy Burrows and Lauren Bradley – 25 March

Join us at Jin Bo Law Skybar on Wednesday, 25 March 2020 for a networking event for admins and assistants while taking in some breathtaking views. The event is co-hosted by Jeremy Burrows, founder of and The Leader Assistant podcast, and Lauren Bradley, founder of The Officials.

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Skills needed in today's workforce

Skills that are needed from today’s workforce

I was tagged on a LinkedIn post by Paula Harding asking for my views on the skills needed in today’s workforce. If you know me, you know I have extensive thoughts on the admin and assistant industry and this is just one of many.

I just so happened to have been in the bath at the time, my favorite thinking spot, and I recorded my thoughts while they had a chance to run free.

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Course: Trello for Productivity for Admins and Assistants

This comprehensive course for admins and assistants will introduce you to Trello, a fabulous online application that helps organize and stay on top of your complex To Do lists and any projects you manage. If you are an administrative professional who is struggling to manage your day or would like to learn more about project management and how this great app (FREE!) app can help then read on!

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