Fav apps for Assistants | A Miss Jones PA event

Event: Lauren’s Fav Automation Apps for Assistants – Miss Jones PA Event

Lauren talks and showcases her fav time-saving apps for assistants in this weekly series with our partner, Miss Jones PA.

This is an event for Miss Jones PA members. Please check them out.

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Self-care for your wellbeing for assistants

Self-Care, COVID-19 and Pivots for your wellbeing

Let's talk self-care and Assistants
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A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be on a panel for Abigail Barnes‘ webinar series, The Productive Wellbeing Show.

On the panel was:

We were each asked 2 questions.

  1. What does a self-care routine look like for you & how has Covid-19 changed it?
  2. What happens if you skip a day?
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This Entrepreneur Listed On Forbes 30 Under 30 Said He Would Roll His Eyes When Passed To An Executive Assistant

This Entrepreneur listed on Forbes under 30 said he would roll his eyes when passed to an Executive Assistant 🙄

The post that rankled

One of my commitments is to take the conversation on the value of assistants past our own industry bubble. I will be talking to CEOs, entrepreneurs, L&D, HR and executive leaderships teams at every turn about the power and growth acceleration potential in every assistant.

A few weeks ago Taylor Offer made a post that got under my skin a bit. You can read the post here.

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Lauren Bradley on Assistants Together Podcast

Lauren appears on Assistants Together Podcast

🎙 Podcast Debut! I loved talking to Hen Barker a caring recruiter and advocate for admins and assistants, for her Assistants Together podcast. We covered A LOT!

We discussed:
• Power of community
• The need for affordable training
• Knowing your worth
• Confidence
• Resources and research
• What assistants are asking about during lockdown
• Becoming a VA ain’t easy
• Furlough fears
• Onboarding yourself
• Treat your role like a business
• Being digitally desirable
• Why assistants shouldn’t be bored during the lockdown or ever!
• The non-no

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Notion: Harnessing the Power of Knowledge Course

Where are you filing your notes? Multiple notebooks? OneNote? Evernote? Does your company have a shared, collaborative repository for collective knowledge in the company? A Single Source of Truth otherwise known as a SSOT? No? Not sure. Let’s talk.

Notion allows you to create, collect and collaborate all in one single workspace. International EA and Notion whiz, Laura Johnston (Officials Member and force behind The Assistant’s Handbook) will walk you through this powerful tool and show you why it’s an assistant’s best friend.

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What is a wiki blog banner

What the what’s a wiki?

What is a wiki?

A wiki is a website or database where multiple users collaboratively add and edit content to share knowledge. It requires high trust but allows for quick sharing and fosters collaboration.

Fortune 500 companies lose at least $31.5 billion a year by failing to share knowledge

Why the heck is it called a wiki?

The first known website wiki was called WikiWikiWeb. Wiki means quick in Hawaiian. Wiki wiki equates to really quick. So essentially it was the really quick web. This site was a place where multiple users could contribute to this shared knowledge repository on software design patterns.

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