Digital Declutter: Creating systems to keep you on top of your game

Create an organized and pleasant digital workspace that saves you time, improve productivity and keeps you up-to-date


Employees waste nearly 2 hours every week “finding, sharing and storing documents.”1 Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Our goal with this course is to help you find sanity in your digital workspace. We will help you get your digital workspace organized so you can save time, mental energy, and work in a pleasant digital environment.

We hope to empower you also create processes and protocols to handle future documents and files.

We are joined by Melissa Peoples who has teamed up with Lauren to show you how easy it can be audit and analyze your digital workspace in order to create systems that create an easier flow of information that saves you time.

No more overflowing inboxes. No more FOLDERS OF DOOM sitting on your digital desktop. It’s time to take back control!

This course is for you if you…

  • Struggle to keep up with your inbox(es)
  • Are looking for best practices to organize your digital files and folders
  • Have inherited numerous documents, files, and emails that need dealing with but you aren’t sure where to start
  • Are afraid to delete anything and now it’s causing anxiety
  • This course is designed for administrative professionals including office managers, administrative assistants, personal assistants, executive assistants, chiefs of staff and more
Digital Declutter for Executive Assistants

What you will learn

  • How to successfully audit and analyze your current problem areas
  • The Ten Commandments to help you know how to avoid the digital clutter deadly sins
  • Tools and tips to assist you with purging the correct documents and files
  • To create processes and protocols to create a clear path and way to deal with future documents and files before the clutter builds again
  • Learn some fun ways to make your digital workspace beautiful, clean and a pleasant place to work to improve your productivity and energy levels

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