Be an Asana Warrior

Achieve flow through collaborative task management

Anna Read
of Empowered Assistants Empower Assistants

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Does your to-do list look like this?

Then add to it the list of all the actions you are supposed to keep track of for every meeting you’ve ever minuted and you can kiss 😘 your sanity goodbye.

Not anymore. If your current task management method is failing you then this course is for you. Follow fellow Official, Anna Read, as she gives you an over the shoulder view of how she uses Asana in her role as an EA.

This course is for you if you…

  • Seek focus and clarity in a day of chaotic requests
  • Know your current task management system isn’t cutting the mustard – pen and notebook, Trello, Tasks, etc.
  • Need a way to track projects, meeting actions and more
  • Ready to work like a leader and delegate that sh*t
  • Want to stay on top of the latest productivity tech solutions

What you will learn

  • How to align your attention to your intention
  • Asana for task management
  • Task management through collaboration
  • To maximize your productivity and focus through superior task management
  • To manage your executive’s day through Asana
  • Remote Project management and tracking

Your Instructor

Anna Read

Anna Read

EA and Co-Founder
Empowered Assistants Empower Assistants

Anna is an Asana Certified Pro and co-founder of Empowered Assistants Empowering Assistants (EAEA). She currently serves as the Executive Assistant to the CEO of YWCA Central Alabama.
Anna has been working with C-Suite executives for over 9 years. She lives in Birmingham, Alabama. On any given Sunday, you can find her in the garden or hanging out with her husband and their dog, Tuppy Tebow.

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