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We hope you like the VA Pricing Strategy Lesson. So now that you know more about pricing, you are probably wondering what the next step is.

We are so convinced you will make a rockstar VA that we want to give you more tools to build your amazing business. There are clients genuinely waiting for YOU and your services.

So we are opening the doors to our membership just for you. Become an Official and access all of our courses, training, and our wonderful community.

When this clock runs out the doors will close again. This is exclusive backdoor access.

Many admins and personal assistants don’t have access to affordable, quality training. We are left to learn as best we can on our own, trial by fire. That time has passed! At The Officials we have created course bundles that are easily digestible, fun and relevant. Learn the latest technology and productivity methods at your own pace with the support of industry thought leaders and peers.

I don’t want a single admin to lose out on an opportunity to learn because of cost. For many assistants the term “training budget” just doesn’t exist.

Lauren Bradley, Founder of The Officials

Membership Benefits


Immediate access to a library of courses. The membership will open with a course guide to ‘getting the job you want’ and a new course will be added each month after that. Courses come with comprehensive workbooks, videos from our founder Lauren and additional downloadable resources including templates, checklists and tech tips.


Access to join the mentorship program (run quarterly, additional fee) created to help admins like you unlock your potential through supportive guidance, encouragement, training and introspective activities.


Our community of admins is ready to welcome you with open arms. The Officials are an army of admins who have come together to empower each other. Ask for advice. Share your win for the day.


Live Q+As and new member online mixers where you can meet other members and learn how to best navigate the HQ platform.

Some of the courses inside and coming soon to The Officials HQ include…

Creative Problem Solving
Getting the Job Course
EA to VA course thumbnail
The Influential Assistant Course
Organizational Culture, Community + Inclusion
Trello for Productivity for admin and assistants thumbnail
Goal Setting and Performance Reviews for Admins
Admin Crash Course

We’ve got you covered

Justification Document

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Ready to register but not sure how to speak to your employer about covering the cost? We’ve created a Justification Document for you to take to your employer on just how beneficial The Officials HQ membership is to you and the company.

Designed to Digest

All of the content in The Officials HQ platform is designed to be fun and vibrant. These are not the stuffy old training manuals you may be used to. These lessons come from everyday rockstars who are bringing you practical tips broken down for maximum impact.

Make it Official.

Level up and join The Officials today.

Giving you the choice

Members have the freedom to choose the payment option that is right for them. All of our payment options, get you the same great access to HQ.

Monthly – This is a rolling monthly membership. You have two options here. Please note that our Monthly Promo option gives you a 15% discount off your first three months.

Annual – Some members prefer signing up for the annual option for the savings, especially if their employers are paying for the membership on their behalf. This is a rolling annual membership.

We don’t want anyone to miss out on vital training and support because of cost, which is why The Officials HQ membership is so affordable.

Simply chose the offer below that works best for you.

Sorry this offer has expired. But check back on Oct 1 2020.

Cancellation – The power is in your hands. You have the ability to cancel at any time in the Account section. If you cancel your membership, all future payments will be canceled and you will have access until the current billing cycle ends.

Paying in a currency other than USD? Check current exchange rates here. This is just a link to common exchange rates. Your financial institution will do the final exchange, the link provided is just for estimation purposes. 

Our memberships are currently charged in USD only. For customers outside of the UK, our company is registered and banks in the UK. So you may have a small international fee as well, you should check with your bank.