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The key takeaways from the webinar include:

  • Performing a Career Audit
  • Leveling-up your skills
  • Building your network

Inside Lauren and Hen discussed not only why these three areas are key for your career growth but their tried and tested tips and tricks that will shorten the distance between you and your dream job.

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PS Thirsty for more? Find out more about Hen’s Success Planning for Career Growth course below.

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Success Planning for Career Growth

Land your dream job through intentional and strategic planning

Henrietta Barker
Recruiter and Podcast Host

One of the worst experiences in one’s career is that period between you realizing you absolutely cannot stand working where you are anymore and actually finding a new job.

It can be excruciating especially if you know you should have started your search ages ago…like ages and ages ago but it was just easier not to do it.

Imagine designing your own career roadmap. Defining the milestones you need to reach to make that dream come true. Cultivating relationships that will actively be helping you reach your dreams. Never feeling that depressing limbo again between wanting to quit and actually getting to do so. In this course, Henrietta Barker, successful recruiter and podcast host, shows you how to chart the course of your career. She’ll show the questions you need to ask of yourself to help uncover what you want and how to define the steps to get you there.

This course is for you if you…

  • Want to take control of your career growth
  • Are looking for your next amazing role
  • Would like to know what hiring managers and recruiters look for in a candidate
  • Need resources to help you design your career roadmap
  • Want to learn from an industry expert
  • This course is designed for administrative professionals including office managers, administrative assistants, personal assistants, executive assistants, chiefs of staff and more

What you will learn

  • Performing a current career audit
  • Storytelling to sell your talents and desirability as a candidate
  • What recruiters and hiring managers look for in candidates
  • How to reverse engineer the career you want
  • Building a roadmap for your career
  • How to nurture relationships that can help you reach your career goals
  • Executing a year end review and goals setting to propel you towards your dream job

The tools that will help you on your way

Use this lovingly crafted workbook to help you with your career audit and goal setting to build the career you desire.

Meet Your Instructor

Henrietta Barker

Henrietta Barker

Recruiter + Podcast Host

Henrietta Barker is the Founder of  Henrietta Barker Ltd, assistant and support staff talent. Host of the Assistants Together podcast and The Work Edition podcast.
Encouraging positive collaboration, learning and encouragement within the international support team community. 

The journey to your dream job starts now!


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