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Inside the lesson

  • What is OneNote?
    • OneNote Hierarchy
    • Features and Functionality
    • Use Cases
  • How to manage your executive and stay organized with OneNote
    • Keep Track with Meetings and Action Items in OneNote
    • Automate content with Zapier
    • Password Protect Confidential Info
    • Scan receipts and documents from your phone camera into expense reports or notebook page pages.
    • Link to other documents
    • Send emails, calendar, PowerPoint slides, and more to OneNote Top 10 OneNote Add-ins

About the Instructor

Anna Read is an Asana Certified Pro and co-founder of Empowered Assistants Empowering Assistants (EAEA). She currently serves as the Executive Assistant to the CEO of YWCA Central Alabama. The YWCA’s mission is to “eliminate racism, empower women, and promote peace, justice, dignity, and freedom for all.” Anna is a lively and informational trainer. She brings enthusiasm and passion as she gives you practical know-how into the tools she trains on. She has worked with non-profits and for-profit companies around the United States to streamline their processes, identify time-wasters, and create solutions for everyday efficiencies. Anna has been working with C-Suite executives for over 9 years. She holds a degree in Communication Management from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. On any given Sunday, you can find her in the garden or hanging out with her husband and their dog, Tuppy Tebow.

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If your current task management method is failing you then this course is for you. Follow fellow Official, Anna Read, as she gives you an over the shoulder view of how she uses Asana in her role as an EA.

Achieve flow through collaborative task management with Asana.

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