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Invest in your greatest human resource. Register your admin for top level training at a great price.

Effective assistants can make enormous contributions to productivity at all levels of the organization…After years of cutting back, companies can boost productivity by arming more managers with assistants.

Harvard business review

*Article: The Case for Executive Assistants, Harvard Business Review

Membership Benefits


Immediate access to a library of courses. Courses come with comprehensive workbooks, videos from our founder Lauren Bradley and additional downloadable resources including templates, checklists and tech tips.


Access to join the mentorship program (run quarterly, additional fee) created to help admins and assistants unlock their potential through supportive guidance, encouragement, training and introspective activities.


Our community of admins is ready to welcome them with open arms. The Officials are an army of admins who have come together to empower each other. Members can ask for advice and share their win for the day.


Live Q+As and new member online mixers where members can meet each other and learn how to best navigate the HQ platform.

Time to Level-Up

Many admins and personal¬†assistants don’t have access to affordable, quality training. They are left to learn as best they can on their own, trial by fire. That time has passed! At The Officials we have created course bundles that are easily digestible, fun and relevant. Learning the latest technology and productivity methods at their own pace with the support of industry thought leaders and peers.

Some of the courses inside and coming soon to The Officials HQ include…

Access for all!

We believe that every admin has a right to affordable and accessible training. There are admins and assistants out there in companies big and small, with training budgets ranging from zero to thousands. They hold titles from office manager, receptionist, executive assistant and more.

The office manager at the local doctor’s office is likely not going to have the same training budget as an executive assistant at a large financial firm in a metropolitan city. At The Officials we believe they both should have the same access to training that is immediately effective, fun and supportive.

We don’t want anyone to miss out on vital training and support because of cost, which is why The Officials HQ membership is so affordable.

We’ve created a Justification Document for you on how beneficial The Officials HQ membership is to you and your company.

Cancellation – We put the power in your hands. Members have the ability to cancel at any time in the Account section. If a member cancels his or her membership, all future payments will be canceled and the member will have full access until the current billing cycle ends.

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