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Hi there! I'm so glad you found your way to The Officials! The Officials is all about empowering admins and assistants across the globe to kick ass at their jobs and feel the support of an army of peers behind them. The Officials HQ site is full of goodies just for you including training courses, downloadables, videos and more...all equipped to make you stronger and more confident in your role. x Lauren

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Immediate access to a library of courses ranging from soft skills, productivity boosters and tech tips. Courses come with workbooks, videos and additional resources.


Our members are ready to welcome you with open arms. The Officials are a supportive bunch who have come together to empower each other. Ask for advice, share your win for the day or share a simple laugh.


Access to join the mentorship program (run quarterly, additional fee) created to help admins like you unlock your potential through supportive guidance, encouragement, training and introspective activities.


Members get access to a library of downloadable resources including templates, checklists and tech tips. These resources are meant to save you time, get you organized and increase productivity.


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I think the mentoring helped me so much and gave me the confidence to be considered for this - so thank you!

Lauren is so lovely, personable, genuine, skilled, organized, and knowledgeable. Who knew there were so many resources and tools available to Executive Admins... well, Lauren does!

The work you've done is remarkable and your commitment to the profession is huge.

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