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Genius G Suite Hacks for Assistants

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Genius G Suite Hacks for Assistants

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G Suite All-Star Course

G Suite is a powerful productivity tool. This is the tool that startups are built on and that assistants that are pursuing a role in startups/fintech/tech need to master. This intuitive suite of products rivals Microsoft in a way that can convert even the heaviest Office power user. Why? Because so much of it’s functionality is free! Also, because Google is constantly evolving and experimenting. They are great at boiling down the essence of a product and then adding easy accessibility, collaboration and a sprinkling of kickass features.

What you learn

  • The benefits specific to admins and assistants that G Suite can provide
  • Streamlining your workflows
  • Cool features that Google Docs has hidden away
  • Experimental Features
  • Snooze + Nudges
  • How to create a professional signature
  • Voice to Text feature

What you get

  •  Coursebook
  •  Tons of video tutorials
  •  Downloadables
  • Additional resources 

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