Public Speaking

Giving a presentation or standing in front of a group can cause anyone anxiety. Being relaxed when you are expressing your ideas or presenting information is essential. Here are some tips that can help.


Do a test run with a colleague. It helps if it’s someone that will be in the room when you do the final presentation. You can get some helpful feedback and when it comes time for the final run you will feel more confident knowing you’ve already done it once.


Pretend that the person sitting next to you is terrified to speak. That it is your job to make sure they feel comfortable by being an example of a confident speaker.


Before going into a speaking situation, write the name of your BFF or a trusted colleague that you find easy to speak with at the top of an open page of your notebook. Imagine that you are speaking to them. Their name with reminder you to stay on track


This is old school advice but practice, practice and practice.