Progressive Processes

Processes and procedures are a fab way to influence the way your company interacts with its employees and clients and can influence culture.

Make note of any processes that are missing or could use a revamp. Then write or revamp them on your own. Leadership love a solution handed to them with a neat bow.

Canva has some beautiful presentation templates that impress. If you want to make a presentation with your ideas you may want to check them out. You can  create a video or even a short commercial with them. It can get you major respect.

Questions to ask yourself when building or rebuilding processes:

  • What role should own this process?
  • Why is a new process needed? What is the pain point?
  • How does this help the company goals?
  • Draw a process map to help you identify all possibilities
  • Speak with those the process effects and get feedback
  • Is it simple enough? 
  • Is it common sense enough?
  • Test the process and have others test it before release