Posture + Appearance

Look and move like a leader. Sit up and pay attention to your posture and your attire. Slouching shoulders and socks have no place in the boardroom.

I’m not going to get into posture too much here because firstly I think it’s common sense but also it’s a bit boring. I’ve linked to a video in the Videos section of this course where Vanessa Van Edwards talks about the body language used by leaders.

The key takeaways here are to sit up straight. Lean forward when listening. Be relaxed but confident when speaking.

Start by paying attention to your body language and that of the leaders around you. How can you make small changes to make you look more authoritative?

Remember, you are looking for natural ways to incorporate change that feel authentic to you and your style.

Also, pay attention to your appearance. It doesn’t have to cost the earth, to not look rumpled, dirty or unkempt. If you don’t look like you care enough to take care of yourself, you won’t look like you can take care of anything else really.