Making Decisions


One of the biggest indicators of a leader is to make the big decisions. Successful leaders use their experience and trust in the opinions and advice of their staff to help them make an informed decision. They hired them for a reason, right?

Leaders sift through information to make the best decision based on the information they have and the goals of the company.

As admins we are privy to a lot of information and we can use that to become more autonomous and make more decisions. If you aren’t used to making decisions, dip your toe in and start small. The more positive the reaction the more comfortable you’ll become in your abilities.


Instead of permission. Leaders recognize those who take initiative. If you aren’t used to this then start small and make decisions that you would normally go to a manager to decide. If you feel conviction in your decision and it isn’t breaking a stringent rule in your company then maybe bend the rules a bit.

Of course I don’t mean in anyway that goes against the values of the company, but if the meeting room your boss expressly said he wanted for the board meeting in 10 minutes is experiencing electrical problems and you know a similar room is available, don’t wait for permission to act. Make a decision to get the other room set up and the guest notified of the new location. It’s worth the risk.