Make Connections

Another way to become influential is by connecting with as many people as possible. Cultivate meaningful relationships that make others feel heard and respected and that you are on equal footing. This will gain you social importance especially if you can become somewhat of a big fish in a small pond.

Start talking to as many people as you can in your organization. Make it a point to know at least two people from each department. Find out about how they feel about their roles, their motivations and likes. Just take it all in and store it away.

Start getting to know people at your regular haunts such as the coffee shop or the gym. This will start to get you that big fish in a small pond reputation.


You can start developing your influential and putting it into practice. Using powerless communication is a way to ease into influence. It actually involves being vulnerable and revealing weaknesses in order to make connection. This works because you become relatable.

You can then start to impart influence by asking questions.

“Have you thought about doing this?”

“How are you going to bring it to market?”

“Have you thought about using bloggers to help spread the word?” .

It’s a subtle but effective approach. The simple fact is that the more people you know and make a meaningful connection with, the more possibilities will open in your life.